Lots of updates!

Hello everyone! First, our apologies for not sharing updates here as often as we should (and have been on the Facebook page).  We’ve had a few technical issues to sort through but hopefully with this post all registered members will receive an email notification indicating that the new post is ready to review. Please let us know if you don’t receive one or if you have any trouble with it.

Beyond that, we have lots of great updates to share!  Here are a few:

  • On June 29, we held our first of the three required Community Meetings.  The June event was during the monthly Humboldt Park Advisory Council meeting where we were able to present our plan for what a dog park typically is like and in particular how we envision it for Humboldt Park, why we think it’ll benefit the community, and where we are in the process. The feedback we received was very positive, with only real criticism being that the park should actually be bigger!  (We of course would love it to be as big as possible but are restricted by the city’s dog friendly area guidelines.)
  • If you missed that one but would like to join our next Community Meeting, it’ll be held on Aug 2 at United Blocks of Humboldt Park (1116 N Kedzie) at 7pm.  Please join us to show your support.  Bring your neighbors to sign the petition!
  • Speaking of petitions, we have a massive petition drive underway and could use your help!  The city requires that we collect petitions from the 5 block radius surrounding the proposed location.  We’ve created a system for keeping track of that effort, but need volunteers.  Please email us at info@humboldtparkdogpark.org if you’d like more info, or just sign up for the blocks you are interested in on our Petition Drive Manager page.  It’s best if you can plan to this with a neighbor or two so please try to coordinate with someone.  We’ll be awarding PRIZES for the top volunteer teams (TBD on what those will be 🙂 ).  To get things underway we will be hosting a Petition Drive Day in August where we’ll all get together to answer any questions you may have and then fan out to our respective blocks. Please indicate your availability to participate on that day on this Petition Drive Day survey.
  • Another important element of collecting community feedback is to gather letters of support from local community organizations.  We’ve had a wonderful response so far with the latest supporters listed at http://humboldtparkdogpark.org/support/ , which we’re excited to say now includes Alderman Maldonado as well as several new businesses and community groups.  If you represent any organization within the Humboldt Park area and want to show your support, we’ve created an easy to use Letter of Support form to provide us with your information. Please check it out.  Of course, if you know of other organizations that would be willing to sign this letter for us, send them that link – it’s easy!  We want as many letters as possible so organizations big and small, profit or not-profit, are all welcome.

That’s it for now.  We promise to keep this site update more often going forward with progress toward all these goals.  Thanks again for all your support!


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