Humboldt Park is huge and my dog is well behaved. Why should my dog use an enclosed dog park rather than running free?

We are firm believers that leash laws have a purpose. As much as we all love our dogs, they are animals.  A dog who is perfectly well-behaved most days may another day have an injury or illness, or may be startled, causing it to act out.  Leashes help to make sure you are in control of your dog at all times, and, importantly, send a signal to others using the park (whether they have a dog with them or not) that they do not need to fear that your dog will be able to act aggressively toward them.  We believe that the park is for everyone, and it is not fair to others to expect that they avoid the park to avoid potential conflict with an off-leash dog running free.

This dog park would provide your dog with space to run free to get the exercise it needs, but within a larger enclosed space, providing other park users with the peace of mind they deserve.  We hope to make the dog park as large as the city will support to give you as much exercise room as we can.


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