The proposed location is already used throughout the year. Why this location?

When selecting the location, we considered several areas within Humboldt Park, seeking to strike the right balance between underutilized space and ease of access to residents surrounding the park.  We felt that it’s important that the park be fairly centrally located within Humboldt Park in order to make it accessible to all of our neighbors. In our observations so far, this particular location sees little traffic on typical days, and will not conflict with the many other wonderful uses of the park such as the baseball stadium, ball fields, playgrounds, tennis courts, beach, Field House, Boat House, museum, sledding hill, lagoons, or nature reserve areas. While there are ball fields just north of this location, their outfields face away from the proposed dog park so will not conflict with summertime activities.

Part of the review process with the Chicago Park District is to survey the location at various points throughout the year to validate whether this location is as underused as we believe it is. We will share our findings as we conduct this important step.


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